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An educational paradigm of excellence through outdoor learning and the Reggio Emilia Approach




The interdisciplinary team Bucoliche Utopie aims to bring to the territory of the municipality of Fiumicino ainnovative widespread education project, but linked to traditional Italian teaching paradigms. This will be intended for a group of girls and boys aged 2.5 to 6 years, followed by a Professional Forest School Leader Educator (Curriculum vitae) and  two atelieristas (Curriculum vitae). 

Inspired by one of the Italian excellences in the educational field, theReggio Emilia approach, our method conceives of girls and boys as subjects "endowed with rights". Their learning occurs in a spontaneous, independent process, which is created in the network of communication and relationships that they have with educators, with their families and with the cultural context in which they are immersed. Every boy and girl is builder of his own knowledge, through direct experience, experiential learning and is guided by his unique and peculiar interests.

Furthermore, we aim to create a synthesis between this method and the ethos of historiansScandinavian and British Forest Schools, creating a more unique than rare teaching paradigm.

 We want to give our boys and girls the opportunity to have positive learning experiences, in one multiple varieties of contexts, urban and natural through a widespread education project.


Learning does not have to take place exclusively within school buildings as the outdoor environment has enormous potential for growth. We are extremely lucky to have urban and rural environments so rich in our territory and our children's learning experiences can be improved by maximizing the potential of the outdoors.


The outdoor experiences they are often internalized and remembered throughout life. Integrating the school curriculum and experiences in nature provides relevance and depth to pedagogical activities, in ways that are difficult to achieve in closed environments.

The pedagogical planning proceeds by giving an initial stimulus and subsequently continuing with elaborations thought out over time, following the individual responses of the *child*.


By truly believing and supporting these intelligent hearts, giving them the opportunity to experience themselves concretely through the times, means and spaces to which they are entitled, without falling into extemporaneous practices, but supporting the little ones with projects conceived and studied in a rigorous manner.

During the learning process, adults are seen as a guide and support for the little ones. We facilitators are constantly involved in the child's exploratory process in order to understand, on the one hand, how togenerate opportunities and experiences and, on the other, having the possibility of beingactively present at the moment of discovery.

We try, on a daily basis, to be listening, receptive and flexible, in order to understand the needs of the group and individuals. This allows us to send them what they need, so as not to extinguish the enthusiasm generated and stimulate them to grow the desire to continue learning.

We firmly believe that the best strategy is to act like godscollaborators who learn together with them and never as figures who look at them from above with the intention of molding them in a coercive way, stealing from them that genius that only a child can possess.

In the development of Educational Projects, particular attention is paid to ensure that they are placed in a functional way within a more generalLife Project.



The Bucoliche Utopie team has also adopted a protocol that supports the culture of inclusion: is ready to welcome children with disabilities, specific developmental disorders and with socio-economic, linguistic and cultural disadvantages.

We are committed, every day, to enhancing the concept of inclusion. All children, regardless of their personal and social condition, are guaranteed onefull participation in every aspect of the proposed activities and the achievement of the maximum possible development of their potential in terms of learning.

We actively strive to recognize ourselves aswelcoming communitytowards all those who, for physical, biological, physiological, social or psychological reasons, may find themselves in a reality that hinders them in learning and development.

Our team, also given the limited number of participating children, always offers aadequate and personalized response to everyone's needs.


Monday/Friday from 8am to 1pm (with the possibility of after school hours until 4.30pm)



Via Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia 127, 00054 Fiumicino (RM)

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